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Cedar shoe trees (#1010)

Plastic shoe trees

A selection of the brushes at Mission Shoe Care Products

Popular shoe horns

A Mission shine cloth

A Kiwi shine kit


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Shoe Trees, Shine Kits, Brushes, Shoe Horns

Gift Ideas from Mission ...

Mission offers gift ideas for birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, Father's Day, and many other special occasions.


The selection includes cedar and plastic shoe trees, shoe horns, shoe shine kits, brushes and top quality shine cloths.


Leather dyes and paints are ideal for people involved with leather arts or interested starting a project.


Shoe Trees ...

Shoe trees help shoes retain their shape.The cedar shoe trees at Mission (#1010) come with a wide heel block and are adjustable.


Mission's line of plastic shoe trees are lightweight and unbreakable. They can be adjusted to fit sizes 6-13 in men's shoes and 5-10 in ladies' shoes.


Shoe Horns ...

Missions offers shoes horns in many lengths and styles. Popular models are the Italian-made Tuscany, a plastic shoe horn that is 24 inches long, and the 24-inch Jockey, a chrome model with a sprung metal end.


Kits, Shine Cloths and Brushes ...

Mission also features shine kits from Kiwi, top quality shine cloths and a wide selection of brushes that make nice gifts for many occasions.

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